Black Fungus: From 5,424 cases on May 24, mucormycosis cases jump to 28,252 in India

India has registered a sharp increase in mucormycosis cases. Eighty six per cent of the cases have history of COVID, however, over 62 per cent cases have history of diabetes, informed the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. Maharashtra and Gujarat are the worst affected.

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| Updated: June 7th, 2021

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. Photo: Twitter

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan today informed that 28,252 cases of mucormycosis or commonly known as ‘black fungus’ have so far been reported from 28 states/UTs in the country.

“Out of this 86 per cent cases are having history of covid, 62.3 per cent are having history of diabetes,” said Vardhan in a meeting with a group of ministers today June 7.

Maharashtra (6,329) and Gujarat (5,486) are the worst affected. These are followed by Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Haryana, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh.

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“The higher than usual incidence of Mucormycosis cases & its effective treatment, especially in patients infected with COVID19 disease is being tracked closely,” Vardhan tweeted.

Two weeks back on May 24, only 5,424 cases of mucormycosis were reported from 18 states.

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