Busting the myth. There are beautiful villages in Jharkhand, home to culturally-rich Adivasis

Preconceived notions are dangerous. The general tendency is that when we think Jharkhand, we think about poverty-stricken people or the Naxal menace. Here's a photo series to prove you wrong

Abhishek Verma
| Updated: Last updated on February 20th, 2020,

When I visited Jharkhand as a photojournalist, I stepped on a gold mine. I visited many beautiful villages and met people who were very welcoming despite their poverty. Here are some beautiful glimpses of Jharkhand …

Pic Credits: Abhishek Verma

Artisans playing violin at a marriage ceremony in a village in Jharkhand’s Pakur district
Women on their way to a temple
People in villages use huge bamboo baskets to store wheat and paddy
The homes of these Adivasis are simple, yet elegant
The state faces an acute water crisis. For these people living in Mukri village in Littipara block in Pakur district, this well is the only source of water
Women have to walk long distances to fetch water. They often have to balance 2-3 pots so that they don’t have to go again and again
Women have to walk long distances to buy basic things
This is not a usual water body. This large pit was formed after stone crushing, which got filled after excessive rainfall. It is now providing water to these villagers
Woman usually cook food using a mud stove
I bumped into an elderly woman who was grinding spices and herbs using traditional method
These people are highly dependent on livestock and farming to make a living
In many homes, the walls were specially designed. This “hole in the wall” was actually home to a hen!
Almost all families are into poultry farming
You will find many farmers slogging in the fields
This is how People decorate the entrance of their homes
Mining is the main source of earning for the people living here
The young generation seems to be keen on education
The government has provided solar lamps to many families
A man was lazing around while charging his solar lamp