When fear leaves the driver’s seat, you’ll start living life: Pratik Gandhi of Scam 1992 fame

In The Slow Cafe, engineer-actor Pratik Gandhi speaks to Neelesh Misra about his unadulterated process to get where he has, why he likes to stay simple, and how life has prepared him to handle the success of Scam 1992.

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COVID19 and bird flu: If birds drop dead, we are at risk too

This is why governments are now trying to work on One Health – a concept that links ecosystem protection, good animal husbandry practices and public health to create an approach towards healthy Nature and wildlife.

Neha Sinha

Doll story: Ranchi resident Shobha Kumari creates indigenous dolls steeped in Jharkhand’s culture and helps tribal women earn a living

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Vocal For Local initiative, Kumari of Srijan Handicrafts has so far trained more than a thousand women to make dolls of clay and sawdust. Ten of them have gone on to set up their own enterprises and earn up to Rs 25,000 a month. She also employs about 35 women who make up to Rs 12,000 a month.

Neetu Singh

No COVID19 vaccination for pregnant and lactating women: Health Ministry

In a letter to all the states and union territories, the Union ministry of health has advised not administering the COVID-19 vaccine to pregnant and lactating women as “they have not been part of any anti coronavirus vaccine clinical trial so far”

Shivani Gupta

Gud Tidings: Migrant families from Bihar add the sweetness of jaggery to Bhogali Bihu in Assam

150 migrant families from Bihar get busy in an aromatic corner of Tezpur, Assam, as they prepare vats of fresh jaggery in time for the harvest festival of Bhogali Bihu, also known as Magh Bihu.

Simanta Barman
India's Secret Kitchens

When in Lucknow, let Malai Makkhan melt in your mouth

It’s white, soft, sweet & fluffy … it simply melts in your mouth! Malai Makkhan is a dessert that truly has a nawabi touch. It is believed that the Mughals used to polish this delicacy off in minutes. Head to Old Lucknow to have the best malai makkhan

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Head to Lalla’s in Old Lucknow for some lip-smacking Biryani

Meticulously measured ingredients and a practiced technique makes the perfect biryani. The evolution of biryani spans many centuries, many cultures, many ingredients and many cooking styles. Head to Lalla’s in Old Lucknow for some yummy biryani

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They are hot & spicy … fancy some yummy kachoris?

A hole in the wall shop in Barabanki district in Uttar Pradesh, just 60 kms from state capital Lucknow, has been selling finger-licking kachoris for years now. Head to the shop — fondly known as Tandon jee kachori wala — for some yummy kachoris

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Folk Studio

Songs of the battlefield and bravery are pride of Bundelkhand

The pride of Bundelkhand, these are songs of the battlefield, songs of bravery from a bygone era. Sung in Veer rasa, Aalha songs are sung by sword-wielding men and women in very powerful voices

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Close your eyes … sway to the tunes of Ravanahatta

If you are in Rajasthan, chances are that you will find many folk artists playing this instrument, commonly known as the Ravanhatha. There are not many artists who play the instrument now, but its melodious tune will attract you to the folk artists instantly

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This is how women in Bihar welcome their husbands home

Jhumar is a folk-dance form from Bihar. It is said women express their joy and happiness through Jhumar when their husbands, who have been away from them, return home after a long time

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