My Rural Connection

May 4, 2020

Remember the sarauta, the dibri, the silbatta? These forgotten words came to life recently!

Storyteller Neelesh Misra tweeted a picture of sarauta recently. This single Tweet opened up a spectacular cascade of memories and Twitter users recalled many forgotten words

Jamshed Qamar Siddiqui
April 25, 2020

“The colourful Dhokra artifacts that narrate mythological tales are very fascinating”

I was at the Raipur airport recently. This particular art piece attracted me as it was very vibrant and colourful. When I looked closely, I realised it was narrating a tale from the Ramayana!

Harsh Pathak
April 11, 2020

Lockdown, or no lockdown, these glass workers of Firozabad have been suffering for decades

While the end product of these industries are beautiful, the conditions in which people work are abject and far from safe. They often suffer from respiratory problems, silicosis and other diseases

Swagata Shrivastava
January 25, 2020

Busting the myth. There are beautiful villages in Jharkhand, home to culturally-rich Adivasis

Preconceived notions are dangerous. The general tendency is that when we think Jharkhand, we think about poverty-stricken people or the Naxal menace. Here’s a photo series to prove you wrong

Abhishek Verma
January 25, 2020

Pushed to the edges, these Kolis in Mumbai continue to hold on to an age-old way of life

These fisherfolk, said to be one of the earliest inhabitants of Mumbai, continue to stick to traditional values, customs and culture despite the challenges posed by being in the heart of the city

Shriti K Tyagi
January 23, 2020

The history of fragrance: How attar or ittar has evolved from one era to the other

The earliest record of perfume-making in India can be found in the ‘Brihat Samhita’, an encyclopaedia authored by a 6th century astronomer, mathematician and astrologer who lived in Ujjain

Harsh Pathak
January 23, 2020

Want to know how molten crystals are transformed into colourful lac bangles? Watch this photo feature

Intricately designed and colourful lac bangles are extremely popular among women. Worn by married women, these are considered a sign of good omen. Making these bangles, however, is a tedious process

Gaon Connection
December 31, 2019

The soul of India lives in its villages …

Seventy per cent of India’s rural population resides in around 6.4 lakh villages. Yet, villages are not part of the mainstream public policy or academic discourse in India. Hope the year 2020 changes this. It is time to empower the village population

Divendra Singh
December 30, 2019

Artists from India, abroad set the stage on fire, promote tribal culture & tradition

Chhattisgarh hosted its first tribal dance festival between December 27 and 29 at Raipur. Around 2,500 artists showcased traditional tribal dances performed on weddings, crop harvesting & festivals

Gaon Connection
December 30, 2019

O Human being! How fair is it to offer biscuits, chips and cold drinks to wild bears?

Few wild bears have become frequent visitors to the temples of deities situated on hilltops, adjoining or in the forests of Chhattisgarh … not to pray but to have food which devotees give to the visiting bears

Nitin Singhvi