July 14, 2021

UP government makes claiming of compensation for snakebite simpler and quicker

The Uttar Pradesh government simplifies the procedure to claim compensation for losing a family member to snake bite. It promises to pay Rs 400,000 within a week of receiving the postmortem report.

Arvind Shukla
July 6, 2021

Burdened by rising diesel prices and increasing irrigation cost, paddy farmers reduce their acreage

Diesel prices have shot up across the country. Paddy farmers complain they are bearing the brunt of the hike as both their input and irrigation costs have increased manifold. They say the recent rise in the MSP of paddy is woefully inadequate by comparison.

Arvind Shukla
June 28, 2021

The Centre’s free ration scheme explained; extended till November this year

The Central government will grant each eligible person five additional kilogrammes of free ration till November this year. This is expected to provide big relief to those whose incomes have been hit hard by the COVID19 pandemic.

Arvind Shukla
June 21, 2021

Ginger, the spice of life, does not find flavour with farmers

There’s a glut of ginger in the market and farmers are leaving behind the crop in the fields, as it is unviable to harvest it. From Rs 5,000 a quintal last year, prices have crashed to as low as Rs 500 a quintal. This, when consumers have taken a shine to ginger.

Arvind Shukla
June 21, 2021

Seven-fold increase in wheat procurement in Uttar Pradesh in the past 4 years. But, why is it still not enough?

Although the procurement of wheat harvest in Uttar Pradesh till June 15 this year is seven times more as compared to 2016-17, it still accounts for only 14% of the total wheat production in the state. More details here.

Arvind Shukla
June 14, 2021

From walking five km to the village school to developing the world’s first liquid nano urea

India has become the first country in the world to launch liquid nano urea. It has been developed at IFFCO by Ramesh Raliya, the son of farmers in Jodhpur, who wanted his knowledge to benefit those ploughing the land.

Arvind Shukla
June 9, 2021

Why govt’s decision to import pulses worries farmers, traders

After allowing import of pulses, the Indian government also removed the import taxes on pulses on May 15. These decisions have not been welcomed by the farmers and traders. Read on to know why.

Arvind Shukla
May 31, 2021

‘70 employees, including 30 veterinarians, died in the COVID19 second wave’: Uttar Pradesh Veterinary Association

The Uttar Pradesh Veterinary Association has reported that more than 70 employees, including 30 veterinarians, have died in the second wave of COVID-19. Many are battling black fungus infection too. They are demanding urgent vaccination and Rs 50 lakh insurance cover.

Arvind Shukla
May 22, 2021

COVID19 curbs put the brakes on the livelihood of rickshaw-wallahs

In the second wave of the pandemic, as the lockdown has made a comeback, the livelihoods of autorickshaw, e-rickshaw and the cycle rickshaw drivers in Lucknow, UP have taken a direct hit and often many have to go to bed hungry.

Arvind Shukla
May 21, 2021

Maya Vishwakarma’s telemedicine centre is reaching out to the sick in rural Madhya Pradesh

At a time when inadequate health facilities in rural areas are struggling to cope with the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic, Maya Vishwakarma from Narsinghpur district in Madhya Pradesh, runs a 10-bed healthcare centre out of her home since March this year, where she dispenses basic health care and treatment for fevers, colds and coughs.

Arvind Shukla