March 18, 2021

Merely 8.5% school students in India have internet access, education disruption due to COVID-19 second worst in South Asia: UNICEF

The UNICEF report stated that amongst the south Asian countries, internet access is available to 74.6 per cent students in Sri Lanka, 69.7 per cent students in Bangladesh, 36.6 per cent in Nepal, 9.1 per cent in Pakistan, 8.5 per cent in India, and 0.9 per cent in Afghanistan.

Daya Sagar
March 3, 2021

Producing Results: According to the Central government, the year-old FPO scheme is showing great promise

A year after the Central government’s Farmers Producer Organisation (FPO) scheme was launched, 2,200 FPOs came into being and the Agriculture Ministry is pleased with their progress report. The government has said it will set up more than 2,500 FPOs in 2021 with an expenditure of up to Rs 700 crore to help 60,000 farmers.

Daya Sagar
February 24, 2021

Has India truly become open-defecation free?

The home of one of the Unnao victims in Baburaha village did not have a toilet, like many other houses in the same village. Uttar Pradesh had declared itself open-defecation free in 2018. This is the situation in many other states.

Daya Sagar
February 15, 2021

Budget 2021: Flagship schemes for girl child education merged with other schemes, suffer budget cuts

No separate allocation to the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana, which has been clubbed under the Samarthya Yojna scheme. The scheme that encourages education of girl students belonging to SC and ST categories has seen its budget slashed from last year’s proposed allocation of Rs 110 crore to Rs one crore in Budget 2021.

Daya Sagar
February 6, 2021

Budget 2021-22: Insufficient allocation to education sector disappoints activists and researchers

The finance minister’s promises of more and better schools may remain a dream with the allocation of Rs 93, 224.31 crore in Budget 2021-22, a mere Rs 8,000 crore more than that of the FY 2020-21, which is disappointingly insufficient, say education activists.

Daya Sagar
January 7, 2021

Flood of Tears: 2021 began on a disastrous note for villages alongside the Saryu Canal as it flooded agricultural lands, again

The Saryu Canal that is supposed to help irrigate 14 lakh hectares of land in eastern Uttar Pradesh is a harbinger of destruction and despair year after year. Farmers watch helplessly as the canal walls collapse and their lands drown.

Daya Sagar
December 24, 2020

Nearly half of rural Indians said they would vote for the political party that offers free corona vaccine: Gaon Connection Survey

In response to the first survey of its kind on ‘COVID-19 Vaccine and Rural India’ by Gaon Connection Insights across 16 states and one union territory, almost 47% of rural respondents said they would vote for the political party that offers them free coronavirus vaccine. However, the higher a respondent was educated, the lesser the likelihood of her/him voting for such a party.

Daya Sagar
December 1, 2020

Farmers Protest: Gaon Connection spent three days with the protesting farmers, as they marched from Punjab and Haryana towards Delhi

Camping out in the open, breaking through police barriers, facing tear gas and water cannons…thousands of farmers from Punjab and Haryana have made it to Delhi. A ground report of the three days from Arvind Shukla and Daya Sagar.

Daya Sagar
November 28, 2020

We will starve but not go back without the laws being repealed, say protesting women farmers

Women farmers, whose contribution to economic growth is largely undocumented, have kept the protests against the three new agri laws going. They cook by the roadside and march alongside the men, determined to be heard.

Daya Sagar
October 5, 2020

Almost 40% of Nirbhaya Fund unspent while crime against women continues to soar in India

Data from Union Ministry of Women and Child Development shows that of the Rs 3,024.46 crore Nirbhaya Fund, which helps rehabilitate survivors of rape and sexual violence, only about 63 % has been utilised.

Daya Sagar