September 14, 2020

While the floods have abated in Uttar Pradesh, flood waters continue to wreak havoc in hundreds of villages

About 900 villages in Uttar Pradesh are water-logged. In the last three months, standing crops have been destroyed, leaving farmers struggling for a fistful of grain to keep hunger at bay.

Mohit Shukla
June 4, 2020

Fayaz would do acrobats to make a living. He was jobless for three months. Penniless, he took his life

The whole day Fayaz went around the village, but fearing coronavirus, no one let him perform. When he returned in the evening, he didn’t have food for his kids, or cash. He hanged himself

Mohit Shukla
May 16, 2020

These women in Uttar Pradesh are making PPE kits on a war footing, also earning money

Around 150 women belonging to a self-help group who were unemployed are now earning Rs 450-600 daily by making low-cost PPEs. The Army has ordered a consignment of 2,000 PPE kits to them

Mohit Shukla
April 8, 2020

In Uttar Pradesh, migrants are fleeing from the quarantine centres set up for them

Migrants are forced to go to their homes to have food as no food arrangement has been made at quarantine centres. These centres lack basic facilities and nothing is being done about this

Mohit Shukla
February 24, 2020

“In rural areas, women often say they were misbehaved with and don’t use the term rape”

A girl living in Sitapur district in Uttar Pradesh was raped when she was 19. It has been two years since the incidence. Now she feels she will not get justice. The police for long said they can’t do much against the accused for ‘misbehviour’ because the girl did not use the word rape in the FIR

Mohit Shukla