November 4, 2020

Muddy waters: Villagers fear the Ganga Water Lift Scheme in Mokama, Bihar may adversely impact farming

Mokama Tal, known for cultivation of pulses, supports about 200,000 farmers and half a million agricultural labourers. Excessive flooding and silting has rendered 10,000 hectares uncultivable, and the new project may only increase their misery.

Rohin Kumar
September 28, 2020

Kaimur Tiger Reserve: With Bihar elections around the corner, the state government has a tiger by the tail

The proposed tiger reserve in Kaimur, Bihar, is expected to displace about 50,000 tribal people in 108 villages, and has sparked violent protests. The state forest department dismisses such fears.

Rohin Kumar
September 26, 2020

Laungi Manjhi’s claim of digging a canal in Gaya, Bihar earns him support of government officials

Some in the media have raised doubts about the veracity of Manjhi’s claim, but the local administration supports him.

Rohin Kumar
August 19, 2020

Marooned for a month, villagers in Bihar have no access to sufficient food, healthcare, toilets

Residents of 36 villages in Kusheshwar Asthan Purbi of Darbhanga are displaced due to floods for more than a month now. Over 200 families here are living under tarpaulins on Kosi’s embankment.

Rohin Kumar
July 24, 2020

COVID-19 in Bihar: Exhausted, underpaid health workers and a crumbling public health system

With a surge in COVID-19 cases, low testing rates, exhausted, angry, underpaid and uncertain health workers in the state, Bihar is staring at a complete collapse of its public health system.

Rohin Kumar
July 15, 2020

In the absence of mid-day meals, children in Bihar survive on roti-onion, bhaat-achar

The Supreme Court of India had directed the States and UTs to ensure children get mid-day meals. Despite that, children in Bihar’s Gaya were eating only roti-onion, or rice-pickle, or starch rice.

Rohin Kumar
June 27, 2020

Bihar floods: An annual blame game between India and Nepal

Almost every monsoon, the Bihar government blames Nepal for causing floods in the state. This year, too, a blame game over the maintenance of barrages erupted. For now, the “confusion” is sorted. But, Bihar is on a high alert for flood

Rohin Kumar
June 23, 2020

Coal Allocation: The full story

Coal mines in India are being opened for commercial mining for the very first time. While launching the auction process, the Prime Minister said coal mining will pave the way for development in the tribal-dominated areas. But many experts believe that it will lead to natural calamities, displacement, and pollution

Rohin Kumar
June 22, 2020

Monsoon hits Patna, Bihar; residents fear a repeat of last year’s urban floods

Last year, Patna in Bihar was water-logged for a few days after heavy rainfall. A major reason for this unprecedented situation was a lack of drainage, disappearing ponds, and silted water channels

Rohin Kumar
June 15, 2020

The Assam oil well fire was an accident waiting to happen

The fire at Baghjan has contaminated water bodies, devastated tea plantations, and forced residents to be sent to relief camps. According to environmental experts, the damage caused to the Maguri-Motapung wetland, and the adjoining Dibru-Saikhowa National Park may never be compensated

Rohin Kumar