October 12, 2021

Should the Forest Conservation Act be amended?

Ten days back, on October 2, the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change published a ‘consultation note’ on changes it proposed to make in the Forest Conservation Act of 1980. What are the proposed changes? Should they be a cause for concern?

Manoj Misra
October 7, 2021

Hurdles ahead for One Nation One Ration Card scheme

The One Nation One Ration card scheme was launched in June 2019 to reform the Public Distribution System (PDS). However, close to 100 million people are estimated to be excluded from the PDS. There are several other challenges in the new scheme that need to be addressed.

Sameet Panda
September 29, 2021

Creating new homes for the rhinos in the Terai region of India

Till around 1870, Dudhwa in the Terai region of India had naturally occurring rhinos, which were believed to have been wiped out due to excessive poaching. Through sustained efforts of the Government of India and the support extended by the governments of Assam and Uttar Pradesh, 40 rhinos now roam around Dudhwa.

Amit Sharma
September 18, 2021

Do sex workers, who often hail from poor rural households, really have a choice?

Nagpur’s iconic red-light area Ganga Jamuna is in the news these days as the law enforcement authorities have decided to pull down the shutters on this 200-year-old red-light district in Maharashtra. While we debate the merits of this decision, it is time we focussed on the plight of sex workers in India and the ‘choices’ they have.

Dipesh Tank
September 14, 2021

Addressing the climate crisis through deep seabed mining is one step forward and three steps back

International interest in seabed mining has been stoked partly by new advances in robotics, computer mapping and underwater drilling. Mining companies globally are said to be scouring for fresh reserves, having depleted much of the world’s easy-to-access veins. But a section of experts warns that deep-sea mining would have “catastrophic impacts”.

Marta Montojo
September 13, 2021

Food fortification, the new panacea for nutritional deficiency

There are no miracle solutions for nutrition security. Fortification is projected as one miracle to address anaemia and nutritional issues experienced by people. This is a clinical approach and cannot, and should not be, applied at large.

Usha Soolapani
September 11, 2021

Despite exposure to the virus, why do some people never get COVID19?

In a lucky subpopulation, some people never test positive for COVID-19 and some that test positive never develop any symptoms. Why? Genetic studies are turning up some interesting answers which could point to new vaccine and treatment approaches.

Therese Ann Markow
September 4, 2021

Agtech is our best bet for a sustainable and inclusive agrarian economy

What will agriculture in India look like in 2030? Will we finally be able to make farming profitable for all of India’s 130 million farmers? Or will the vast majority of small and marginal farmers continue to be left behind? The key to these answers lies in the growth of Agtech.

Sudha Srinivasan
September 3, 2021

With schools reopening, a safe and healthy transition is needed especially for children from poor and marginalised communities

The loss of learning and the harmful effects of the pandemic have not been borne equally by children. In face of the gradual reopening of schools, authorities should consider a differentiated approach between government schools and private ones.

Santhya Vikram
September 1, 2021

Notes from a water researcher who became a flood victim in Bhagalpur, Bihar

Inhabitants of ‘Silk City’ Bhagalpur in Bihar are not unfamiliar with floods, since they live on the banks of river Ganga. At least once in two years the river breaches her embankments and inundates areas along its route. However, this year, the floods have been extraordinarily disruptive and I was a flood-victim too.

Ruchi Shree