Gaon Connection Survey

January 4, 2021

The First Shot: Who should get the COVID19 vaccine first? Gaon Connection asked rural Indians in a survey

Over 43% of the rural respondents said the coronavirus vaccine should be administered first to the doctors and nurses. Thirty five per cent said frontline workers like ASHAs should be given first priority.

Neetu Singh
January 2, 2021

Food for thought: Has the fear of COVID-19 changed people’s diets? A Gaon Connection survey finds out

A Gaon Connection Survey of 6,040 rural respondents across the country revealed that more than half of them had consciously changed their eating habits. Seventy per cent had stopped eating out and 30 per cent said they had increased their intake of fruits and vegetables.

Divendra Singh
December 31, 2020

Six in every 10 rural Indians said awareness drives on COVID-19 conducted in their villages: Gaon Connection Survey

Were enough awareness campaigns and sensitisation programmes held in rural India to inform villagers about the COVID-19 pandemic? A recent survey by Gaon Connection tried to find out.

Neetu Singh
December 28, 2020

Countries are reporting a new COVID-19 strain but every fifth rural Indian thinks coronavirus is gone: Gaon Connection Survey

France, Spain, Sweden, the UK…. Several countries are reporting a highly contagious strain of the coronavirus. But, a recent survey by Gaon Connection found that 21% rural respondents think corona is no more around.

Kushal Mishra
December 26, 2020

Half of rural Indians spending more money in corona period to buy packaged immunity boosting products: Gaon Connection Survey

Chywanprash, Giloy, Kaadha, Tulsi, turmeric milk… rural Indians have increased their consumption of immunity boosting items to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Many have stopped eating out whereas several rural households have reduced their non-veg food consumption.

Divendra Singh
December 23, 2020

44% rural citizens willing to pay for the corona vaccine; two-third want its price to not exceed Rs 500: Gaon Connection Survey

Two-third of those who are willing to pay for the vaccine want its price not to exceed Rs 500. Another one-fourth would like to pay between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 for two doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Whereas, around eight per cent are willing to pay between Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000 for two doses of the vaccine.

Mithilesh Dhar Dubey
December 22, 2020

One-fourth of rural households tested for coronavirus; more than half of those tested found positive: Gaon Connection Survey

Gaon Connection’s ‘COVID-19 Vaccine and Rural India’ survey across 16 states showed that 76% of rural respondent households in the southern states had a member test positive for COVID. In the north zone, it was 12%.

Kushal Mishra
December 22, 2020

Half of rural India thinks the coronavirus pandemic is a ‘conspiracy by China’: Gaon Connection Survey

The first survey of its kind on ‘COVID-19 Vaccine and Rural India’ by Gaon Connection Insights finds the various perceptions people in rural India have towards the coronavirus disease. Almost 20% call it ‘an act of God’ whereas another one-fifth think coronavirus is no more.

Arvind Shukla
December 22, 2020

50% rural Indians trust coronavirus vaccine made by an Indian company over a foreign company; nearly half will vote for any party that offers the vaccine free: Gaon Connection Survey

The first survey of its kind on ‘COVID-19 Vaccine and Rural India’ by Gaon Connection Insights surveyed 6,040 rural citizens across 16 states and one union territory. Read the exclusive findings here.

Nidhi Jamwal
November 13, 2020

Every second respondent farmer in the west zone supports the new agri-laws: Gaon Connection Survey

With highest awareness about the new farm laws among the farmers in the west zone (82%) of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, slightly more than half the respondent farmers support the new central agri acts.

Shivani Gupta