Positive Stories

May 25, 2020

Step by step: This is how your favourite seviyan are made! A photo story

Eid and seviyan are almost synonymous. While the final product is delicious, making these seviyan is a lot of hard work and it’s an elaborate procedure. Here’s how it’s done

Abhishek Verma
May 16, 2020

These women in Uttar Pradesh are making PPE kits on a war footing, also earning money

Around 150 women belonging to a self-help group who were unemployed are now earning Rs 450-600 daily by making low-cost PPEs. The Army has ordered a consignment of 2,000 PPE kits to them

Mohit Shukla
May 16, 2020

These women in Bundelkhand are doing their bit in this fight against COVID by making masks

Many women belonging to various self-help groups have been given the task of making masks. They are happy that they are earning during the lockdown and also doing their bit for the society

Arvind Singh Parmar
May 11, 2020

“Many tribal women are getting ration, but they also need milk as they can’t feed grains to infants”

Meet Amar Singh, who along with other volunteers, has, so far, distributed over 4,500 biscuits and 1,800 milk packets to women and children in tribal areas of Jharkhand

Shivani Gupta
May 9, 2020

‘My son is autistic. He is totally nonverbal, but understands what a lockdown means’

Meenakshi Sharma, a self-taught artist, who lives in Mohali, talks about the lockdown and what it has meant for her autistic son “who has understood a few concepts fairly quickly”

Prerna Shah
May 2, 2020

Aajibaichi Shala — a school for grandmothers — is letting these elderly women live their dream

The school was founded in 2016 in Fangane village in Maharashtra by Yogendra Bangar. These ‘students’ wear their bright pink saree-uniforms and come to school

Varsha Ramachandran
May 2, 2020

“It was equally wonderful to get Rs 500 donation as it was to get a single donation of Rs 50,000″

Sangitha Krishnamurthi started a fundraiser to help a hospital in Bangalore to get funds for PPEs and ventilators. The lockdown has affected her professionally, but she is doing her bit

Prerna Shah
May 1, 2020

Irrfan Khan’s wife Sutapa pens a heartfelt open letter

In the letter, she beautifully narrates the journey of her husband over the past two-and-a-half years as he battled neuroendocrine tumour with determination

Gaon Connection
April 25, 2020

Something positive: “I am stuck on a resort in the Maldives with my family and I am safe”

Afshyna Aishath shares with Prerna Shah her unique experience of staying put at a resort in the Maldives during the lockdown. She speaks of the need for kindness and generosity during this crisis

Prerna Shah
April 25, 2020

Through a WhatsApp group, these volunteers are helping migrant labourers in Delhi

This WhatsApp group has 160 volunteers and 20 local NGO members. To help migrants during the lockdown, they have managed to pool in Rs 35 lakh through crowdfunding

Kushal Mishra