Positive Stories

February 8, 2022

Retired school teacher, who worked his way out of poverty, donates life’s earning towards educating the poor

There was a time he could not afford ink for his pen, but Vijay Kumar Chansauriya lifted himself out of abject poverty to become a government school teacher in an adivasi village in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna district. When he retired, he donated his life’s savings for the cause of educating underprivileged children.

Arun Singh
February 6, 2022

Would the sight of his pregnant sister at the bar sober up Sameer?

He was an occasional drinker but ever since a bar opened up in the neighbourhood, his intake of alcohol increased with every passing day. A year later, he had cut off ties with parents and was now to be found sitting in the bar, drinking, till one day he encountered his pregnant sister at the bar…

Gaon Connection
February 3, 2022

Building fences: Women in Bareilly make wire and metal netting to protect farmlands from stray cattle, and earn a living

In Uttar Pradesh, 560,408 women self-help groups across the state’s 75 districts have helped rural women into self employment and economic independence. In Bareilly district, women associated with more than 7,000 SHGs are making barbed wire fences to masalas, growing their business and becoming self-reliant.

Ramji Mishra
January 29, 2022

Growing a variety of produce has earned this UP farmer not just profits, but also the Padma Shri

His willingness to experiment and try out new techniques of farming have led to farmer Sethpal Singh of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, being awarded the Padma Shri. Here’s how the 55-year-old farmer practises integrated farming on his 15 hectare farmland.

Divendra Singh
January 28, 2022

Remembering Gurmeet Bawa: An epitome of Punjabiyat

Gurmeet Bawa, who was a melodious repository of Punjab’s folk culture, was awarded the Padma Bhushan, posthumously on January 26, two months after she passed away. Despite obstacles, the acclaimed Punjabi folk singer chose to go down a difficult path and revived Punjabi folklore through her singing.

Vivek Gupta
January 25, 2022

The Dangi Dance of Adivasis in Gujarat celebrates Mother Earth

Young men and women from the Dangi tribe pay a sprightly homage to their reigning goddess – Dharti Maata – through a traditional dance which is a combination of speed and acrobatics skill.

Gaon Connection
January 23, 2022

A chemistry teacher’s formula for life

Sharma Sir never missed ‘lecturing’ his students on the ill-effects of alcohol. A decade later, during a school reunion of his students, the chemistry teacher dropped his usual reserve and danced with his former students. What made him do that? Listen to Reunion, a story that is part of a collaboration between Gaon Connection and the World Health Organization to campaign against alcohol abuse.

Gaon Connection
January 9, 2022

Abstinence for a month is all it took Babuji to quit alcohol forever

As part of a series on raising awareness against the harmful effects of alcohol, here’s the story of Babuji who took to drinking after his wife’s death. His son introduced him to an online campaign which demands abstinence from alcohol for a month. Here’s what led Babuji to quit alcohol forever after restraining himself for 30 days.

Gaon Connection
January 4, 2022

A village in Bihar goes organic, transforming the lives of its women

From blistered hands and racking coughs to financial savings and bright smiles – this is the story of women of Kedia in Bihar who took up organic farming. It has not just improved the health of their families and the soil, but also transformed their own lives.

Nidhi Jamwal
January 3, 2022

From studying telecom engineering to organising Bastar’s tribal women into an FPO, here’s an inspiring journey

Along with 337 tribal women of Bastar, Deena Nath Rajput has formed an FPO – Bhumgadi – to market and sell their forest and agri produce. The FPO now includes 6,100 farmers. Bhumgadi FPO also runs the Bastar Café in Jagdalpur.

Puja Bhattacharjee