Positive Stories

February 15, 2020

This ‘seed woman’ never went to school, but has valuable lessons for us and the farmers

Rahibai Popere, who lives in a small Adivasi village in Maharashtra, is all set to win the Padma Shri for her contribution in agriculture. She has preserved indigenous seeds that need only water & air to grow

February 11, 2020

From being used in military operations in the 169th BC in China, to being a stress-busters for the Mughals in India, the humble kite has come a long way … literally

Did you know that cooked and mashed rice is mixed with powdered glass to make the thread of the kite — popularly knows as manjha? Did you know that the earliest evidence of Indian kite flying can be seen in Mughal miniature paintings from the 16th century?

Harsh Pathak
February 7, 2020

The heritage village of Odisha where every single resident is a pattachitra artist

For generations, the inhabitants of Raghurajpur village are narrating mythological stories through their world-famous paintings — pattachitra — and palm leaf engravings. Gaon Connection travelled to this heritage village in Puri district of Odisha and caught up with the artisans

Nidhi Jamwal
January 27, 2020

Varanasi: People dial him instead of an ambulance when they come across an injured person

Aman Kabir, 24, has been single mindedly devoted to the service of road accident victims and mentally and physically differently abled people. He has even converted his motorbike into an ambulance

Chandrakant Mishra
January 18, 2020

Nearly killed for killing a man, Renu, a tigress, gets a new life – and a lover – at Lucknow zoo

After Renu killed a man last year, she was mauled by furious villagers. She nearly died. But now she is safe at a zoo in Lucknow and spends quality time with Kishan – her boyfriend

Diti Bajpai
December 30, 2019

When a man in khaki turned a messiah for patients needing blood

Social media and good intentions can come together and help save many lives. A UP constable found out that often the simplest of steps lead to big results

Swati Subhedar
December 30, 2019

The boatsman who has rescued over 50 people plunging into the Gomti river

The story of an unsung hero, who has gifted new lease of life to over 50 people, such are living heroes, who inspire …

Ranvijay Singh
December 30, 2019

He helps youngsters living in villages along the Indo-Pak border join the armed forces

Jitender Singh Charak wanted to join the army but was rejected for being short. He now runs a training camp and many trained under him have joined the armed forces

Deepak Khajuria
December 30, 2019

That school on the banks of the Ganga

Nitin Kumar’s parents couldn’t afford to buy him notebooks and pencils when he was a kid. Now a law student, he runs an open school on the banks of the Ganga with the help of other volunteer teachers. 150-odd students from nearby slums come here every evening

Suyash Shadiza
December 30, 2019

A 61-year-old German woman becomes “Gau Rakshak” for 1,800 needy cows in India

The 61-year-old animal rights activist, Friederike Irina Bruning — Sudevi Mataji — has dedicated all her life for 1,800 stray and helpless cows in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. Recently, Bruning threatened to reject her Padma Shri as her VISA extension was rejected

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