The Slow Interview

September 14, 2020

Insider, Outsider: The eternal quest to belong shines in Neelesh Misra’s The Slow Cafe with Manoj Bajpayee

During the course of 40 minutes, the ace actor speaks about his quest to return home, the concept of home, and why the COVID-19 lockdown is a life-defining period.

Subha J Rao
September 7, 2020

The Slow Interview with Suresh Raina: All about the moments that make a cricketer

Neelesh Misra nudges Raina to speak about the little things that got left behind, his inspirations in life, and gets him to sing too, in this two-hour film that comes close to a real-life conversation.

Subha J Rao
June 20, 2020

“A woman flows along with the situation. When she is a mother, she is fully devoted”

In this ‘slow’ interview, folk singer Malini Awasthi, a Padma Shri, talks about women, folk music, and the intricacies of marriage, and how her husband motivated her to start singing again

Neelesh Misra
May 16, 2020

Now, when I visit my village, I spend hours looking at the dewdrops: Pankaj Tripathi

He feels the quality of persistence in him comes from his village upbringing, and many of the characters that he has played are inspired by some of the people he has met in his village

Neelesh Misra
April 29, 2020

“The only thing certain was the uncertainty” … Irrfan Khan loses the battle with cancer

He almost became a cricketer; a batsman. But cricketing world’s loss was acting world’s gain. Irrfan Khan was battling cancer and passed away while he was being treated for a colon infection

Gaon Connection
April 11, 2020

People say love traps you. In fact, it’s the opposite. Love makes you free, says poet Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas was a rebellious child, who fought with his father as he wanted to become a poet, not an engineer. But there is a soft side to him. He fell in love, and that, according to him, changed his life

Neelesh Misra
April 4, 2020

“I tell people that I am what I am today is because of two things — my family and Allahabad”

Did you know when he directed his first film, he didn’t have a producer? In a ‘Slow Interview’ with Neelesh Misra, Tigmanshu Dhulia talks about his journey from Allahabad to Mumbai via Delhi

Neelesh Misra
March 4, 2020

Many people don’t know me by my name but by the characters that I have played: Sanjay Mishra

He is funny and a very fine actor. But Sanjay Mishra has an emotional side. He has regrets. He wishes to go back in time and undo some damage that he has done. Meet the real Sanjay Mishra

Neelesh Misra
February 28, 2020

“Girls look down and walk. The moment they look up, they will find someone staring at them”

There are separate rules for girls set by others. Like, they must wear ‘proper’ clothes, sit cross-legged and look down while walking, said Taapsee and added she has started questioning these rules

Neelesh Misra
February 21, 2020

“I am a simple man. I love buying potatoes and tomatoes,” says the real Manoj Bajpayee

Son of a farmer, Manoj says buying vegetables helps him connect with the outside world and that keeps him rooted. He is someone who likes to keep it simple and he loves to laugh at himself

Neelesh Misra