The Slow Interview

February 25, 2021

A Raconteur, some raagas and Ronkini Gupta

In The Slow Cafe, Neelesh Misra and singer Ronkini Gupta speak about music, life, challenges, what achievement means, and the joy of progressing from C to C sharp.

Subha J Rao
February 5, 2021

With success, I’ve become more compassionate, and am trying to become a better person: Bhumi Pednekar

The actress, whose last release was Bhagmati, speaks to Neelesh Misra in The Slow Cafe about her influences, the things she’s learnt along the way in the film industry, and working in the hinterland.

Subha J Rao
January 19, 2021

When fear leaves the driver’s seat, you’ll start living life: Pratik Gandhi of Scam 1992 fame

In The Slow Cafe, engineer-actor Pratik Gandhi speaks to Neelesh Misra about his unadulterated process to get where he has, why he likes to stay simple, and how life has prepared him to handle the success of Scam 1992.

Subha J Rao
December 23, 2020

I do not want to walk about with the burden of my name: Anupam Kher

In The Slow Cafe with Neelesh Misra, actor-theatreperson-writer Anupam Kher speaks about how the pandemic forced him to reevaluate his life, writing his book ‘Your Best Day Is Today’ came about and why it is important to declutter one’s emotions.

Subha J Rao
December 4, 2020

The China trail: Detective-like, CSE trailed the mysterious “all pass” syrup allegedly being used by top companies to adulterate honey

In The Slow Cafe with Neelesh Misra, environmentalist Sunita Narain speaks about the Centre For Science and Environment’s pathbreaking research on adulterated honey and why following the trail to its logical conclusion is important.

Subha J Rao
November 23, 2020

They wanted me to be Tina Turner. I liked Teejan Bai: Sona Mohapatra

In The Slow Cafe with Neelesh Misra, the feisty singer speaks about her early music influences, her unique voice and how she’s grown to love her own company.

Subha J Rao
October 29, 2020

Some songs change our life. Some of our songs change others’ lives: Swanand Kirkire

In The Slow Cafe with Neelesh Misra, the ace lyricist, writer and actor speaks about his early days, the struggle to break free from a popular debut song, and finding his safe space.

Subha J Rao
October 19, 2020

After Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai, everyone thought I’d turn Harshad Mehta into Hugh Hefner: Hansal Mehta

In The Slow Cafe with Neelesh Misra, director Hansal Mehta, whose works are a mirror to society, delves into his early days, Scam 1992 and love for Manoj Bajpayee and Rajkummar Rao.

Subha J Rao
October 7, 2020

Papa CJ on the currency called celebrity and the joy of laughter

On Neelesh Misra’s The Slow Cafe, the celebrated stand-up comedian on his early years, how grief led to humour and why he wants to gift laughter.

Subha J Rao
September 29, 2020

The Slow Cafe: Yami Gautam on her first flight, plucking ‘ambiyan’ and the experience called Mumbai

In a conversation with Neelesh Misra, the actress who once aspired to be a civil servant opens up about her life experiences, growing up in small town in India and what fame means to her.

Subha J Rao