May 28, 2020

Is North Bihar prepared for the overlapping challenge of COVID-19 and the annual floods?

North Bihar, the most flood-prone area in the country, is notorious for floods that happen almost every year. But, this year, it may be a double whammy as floods will have to be managed amid the ongoing coronavirus disease pandemic. There is a need to develop mechanisms to lessen the flood vulnerabilities by focusing on the first two phases of the floods — pre-floods and during the floods

Eklavya Prasad
May 27, 2020

To fortify milk, or not to fortify … the debate goes on

When dairies remove fat in order to produce toned or double-toned milk — which is what most poorer households consume — it leads to their depletion. Fortification helps top up the lost micronutrients

Tarun Shridhar
May 27, 2020

Once the lockdown ends, what’s in store for the agriculture sector in India? An analysis

Agricultural sector is projected to see a significant reduction in supply, demand, and value. This will lower farmer household incomes. Here’s how we can safeguard our farmers through this

Amy Yang
May 23, 2020

Post lockdown, should we now move towards a gradual social and economic slowdown?

The current world, a global village — fed by the aspiration of billions to make the current state of life better, spicier and more luxurious — suddenly finds that it has to stop

Jitendra Ambastha
May 23, 2020

It is interesting to know how people in India have perceived the COVID-19 threat. An analysis

It is not easy to know how people would react to the COVID-19 threat. An analysis of how and what people are searching on Google gives us an insight

Siddharth Srivastava
May 16, 2020

Experts are studying the shifts in butterfly ranges to understand the impacts of climate change

It helps them determine which places are warmer, wetter and more susceptible to climate variabilities. As temperatures go up, many butterflies have shifted Northwards in Europe

Neha Sinha
May 15, 2020

Are we forgetting about the children living in orphanages amid this corona crisis?

Orphanages in India have not received adequate support from the government regarding COVID-19 and the lockdown. This, along with severe resource constraints, puts the children they care for at greater risk

Satyajeet Mazumdar
May 12, 2020

COVID-19: What do the primary health workers need?

Likely to be the first point of contact for most COVID-19 patients, here’s how primary healthcare teams can be supported to deal with the pandemic

Dr Sanjana Brahmawar Mohan
May 11, 2020

Can agriculture revive the rural economy?

Even amidst a lockdown, the farm sector is still operating; and with the right interventions, it could pave the way to spur the revival of the rural economy

Pravesh Sharma
May 9, 2020

Can wastewater analysis help in checking the spread of the novel coronavirus in a locality?

People infected with the virus have been found to shed the virus in their stools. As most of the infected population is asymptomatic, sewage surveillance could be useful to detect the cases

Adarsh Manjunath