January 21, 2020

Giriraj Singh’s unique biogas model has helped farmers in this village earn more

The animal husbandry ministry carried out an experiment at Jakariyapura village in Anand district in Gujarat, now known as the ‘Jakariyapura model’. It provided biogas plants in houses that have milch animals and bought the slurry — liquid residue from the plants – in return. The ministry claims it has increased the farmers’ income by three times

Arvind Shukla
January 21, 2020

Gaon Connection wins Ramnath Goenka. It’s a third in a decade

Senior reporter Diti Bajpai wins the ‘Uncovering India Invisible’ category for her series ‘Raktranjit’. The series highlights those rape cases that failed to become headlines or hashtags

Rural Connection
January 20, 2020

Despite repeated verbal assurances, the anti-Adivasi intent of CAA is quite evident

The combination of NRC and CAA might compel the Adivasis to convert to the mainstream religions in order to protect themselves from becoming ‘stateless’ and sent to concentration camps

Jawar Bheel
January 20, 2020

The anti-CAA protests bring Adivasis into focus, the Act threatens their identity

Whether in showing paperwork or proving their identity, the Citizenship Amendment Act is going to hit the Adivasis hard. This Act will make it difficult for them to establish their identity

Deepti Mary Minj
January 20, 2020

Police show their ugly face in handling anti-CAA protests, need urgent reforms to earn public trust

The incidents of the past month indicate the police have forgotten that their most important task is to inculcate a sense of security amongst the population by maintaining law and order

Sanjiv Krishan Sood
January 20, 2020

Frustrated candidates stick posters across Uttar Pradesh, demand a speedy trial

More than four lakh candidates had appeared for 69,000 seats in the Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test on January 6, 2019. They are still waiting for the result as the case is still being fought in the court. This year, candidates appeared in the exam wearing black bands

Daya Sagar
January 18, 2020

Winter bonfires were once popular in rural areas. Now, mobiles have taken over

A happy crowd surrounding a bonfire, narrating stories late into the night, savouring baked and sweet potatoes and other earthy winter dishes are now sweet nostalgic memories of the past. Now, people sit covered in a quilt with mobile phone in hand

Neetu Singh
January 18, 2020

This is the reason why we shouldn’t expect philanthropists to fund activism

Since philanthropists are unlikely to fund anything that destabilises their businesses, building independent institutions can be an effective approach to create lasting impact

Rural Connection
January 18, 2020

Are traditional livelihoods non-profits losing their relevance?

Over the past two decades, the bulk of civil society’s interventions in rural India have been around food sufficiency. Most of them aren’t providing other opportunities — ones that are sought by the youths

Rural Connection
January 17, 2020

“I was born here. My family was born here. But now, we have to show documents to prove this”

Fearing NRC, people are queuing outside cemeteries in Lucknow and paying a hefty amount to get documents related to the burial of their parents … and their grandparents. Just in case …

Ranvijay Singh