February 18, 2020

This father was advised to marry his minor daughter off to one of her gang rape accused

His minor daughter was abducted and gang raped for three days. He struggled to get the FIR lodged. Meanwhile, there was immense pressure on him to marry his daughter off to one of the offenders. On top of it, the girl’s family isn’t even aware that they are supposed to get a compensation

Neetu Singh
February 17, 2020

The future of those studying in private Ayurvedic colleges in Uttarakhand is in a fix

Many students have taken a loan to pay their fees, which has gone up from Rs 80,000 to Rs 2 lakh. They are demanding that the increased fees be rolled back as per the high court order. But the colleges have not just filed a review petition against the order, they are also threatening these students

February 17, 2020

The existing schemes to combat malnutrition in India are not sufficient for tribals in Bastar

Common factors like poverty and lack of awareness do exist, but there are many other reasons that are specific to the region and have to be handled with a multidimensional approach

Pragya Uike
February 15, 2020

Mudra Yojana: It’s an easy loan scheme, but it’s not easy to get loans under this scheme

In response to an RTI in 2018, the Ministry of Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises had revealed more than 90% of the loans are of Rs 50,000 or less. Only 1.45% got loans of more than Rs 5 lakh

Daya Sagar
February 14, 2020

Central government’s move to privatise district hospitals spells disaster for India’s poor

The disastrous implications will be felt by the poor, women, and Adivasi, dalit and rural communities . At a global level, India may fail miserably on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Sulakshana Nandi
February 14, 2020

Cow dung is helping farmers earn more, providing employment to women. No, it’s not a shitty joke

In Jakariapura village in Anand district in Gujarat, the government has built biogas plants and is buying the slurry for Rs 1 to 2 per litre. This has increased the income of farmers

February 12, 2020

The complete story of why a man with a criminal record took 23 kids hostage

A murder convict comes out of jail after years, starts making arsenal in his basement, fakes a birthday party and holds 23 children hostage. After a couple of hours, the police gun him down and a frustrated mob allegedly lynches his wife to death. Gaon Connection travels to Uttar Pradesh’s Farrukhabad to know the full story …

February 11, 2020

“We have been shunned by society. The accused continue to hurl abuses at us”

She was just 11 when she was gang-raped near a Ramlila venue. While the accused have been put behind bars, the family faces social ostracism and constant threat to life. The survivor’s hopes of completing her education have been dashed. The family says it feels cheated

Neetu Singh
February 10, 2020

When the cost of crops varies statewise, why is there a common MSP for the entire country?

The central government decides the Minimum Support Price on the basis of average expenditure. Though the state governments can increase the rate of MSP, they don’t. That’s because the central government buys a crop only at its own fixed MSP. So, how is this benefitting the farmers?

Mithilesh Dhar Dubey
February 10, 2020

Why Maharashtra doesn’t measure up when it comes to Vaccination of Adivasi Children

Most parents aren’t aware of the need for vaccination and health officials don’t reach most of the tribal hamlets located in forested areas that can be reached only by a long walk or a trek uphill

Varsha Torgalkar