May 9, 2020

Bengaluru to Prayagraj: Youngsters set out on their bicycles to reach home

Rahul and his two friends started their journey somewhere between the Karnataka government’s conundrum to cancel and then letting the special train for migrants run again. They are not alone

Arvind Shukla
May 6, 2020

Farmers show their strength on Twitter by making the hashtag ‘Kisan_karja_mukti’ trend

Farmers have been demanding a loan waiver for the past few years. They feel the government hasn’t done enough for them during the lockdown. On May 5, they exchanged more than one lakh Tweets

Arvind Shukla
April 27, 2020

These ‘corona warriors’ at the banks have no safety gears

The bank employees in rural areas deal with hundreds of people on a daily basis, but they are not being provided with any safety kits, like personal protective equipment (PPEs). They say it has been distressing to deal with the unknown enemy

Arvind Shukla
April 23, 2020

This is why people are queuing up outside bank branches in rural India

There are several rumours doing the rounds that the government will take back the Rs 500 that has been deposited in the Jan Dhan accounts if the cash is not withdrawn at the earliest

Arvind Shukla
April 15, 2020

Lockdown 2.0: In cities, the prices of vegetables have shot up, but in the villages, they are rotting away

Two-thirds of the country’s population is dependent on agriculture. But the farmers feel that they are not being listened to. If the government understands only the language of the industry, we shall put it this way — the crores of farmers of India haven’t stopped producing, but the business is dead as there are no buyers. Read about the pain of vegetable farmers in the first part of the series ‘Lockdown hits farmers’

Arvind Shukla
April 11, 2020

“If the primary healthcare is not improved, the poor will continue pawning land and jewellery”

The government is, on a war footing, helping every citizen of this county, combat coronavirus pandemic. But is the regular healthcare accessible to the common man otherwise?

Arvind Shukla
April 10, 2020

How are our villages coping up with the coronavirus lockdown?

The villages woke up later to the challenge of coronavirus than the cities, as most people believed that since the virus had emerged from China and other countries, their villages are at no risk. But, with the lockdown, the situation changed following the reverse migration of labour force back to the rural areas

Arvind Shukla
April 4, 2020

Ground Report: From Delhi to Bihar … on a cycle rickshaw

In the absence of transport facilities due to the lockdown to control Covid-19, many set out from Delhi to their villages on bicycles, cycle rickshaws and thelas. Meet Ashok Yadav who has to cover a distance of 1,400 kms

Arvind Shukla
March 31, 2020

The lockdown hits orange farmers hard

Many farmers had hoped for good profit following the prolonged monsoon last year and were even expecting a windfall after production in China halted due to coronavirus. But they are now staring at losses due to the inclement weather that damaged crop and the lockdown that affected transportation

Arvind Shukla
March 30, 2020

Centre, state governments issue orders exempting many agriculture and allied activities from the lockdown

The farmers will be able to go to their fields freely. They will also be able to take their crops to the mandi. So, now the lockdown will not affect agricultural work. However, farmers have been urged to observe coronavirus guidelines at all times

Arvind Shukla