July 7, 2020

Betel leaf farmers of UP’s Bundelkhand have stories of loss during the lockdown to share

The loss of betel farmers incurred during the lockdown did not come to anyone’s attention. Here’s a story of paan farmers of Pali village in Bundelkhand, what they have been going through.

Arvind Shukla
June 16, 2020

Why do people migrate from Bundelkhand? Are they not getting enough work under MGNREGA?

As labourers and workers were returning home during the lockdown, Gaon Connection tried to find out what makes them leave their homes in the first place. A ground report from Bundelkhand

Arvind Shukla
June 13, 2020

An eerie silence prevails in Chanderi. The khat-khat sound of handlooms is a rarity now

Chanderi sarees are in great demand in India and abroad. But, the lockdown has affected the weavers and traders badly. More than 10,000 weavers are jobless and dust is gathering on 5,000 handlooms

Arvind Shukla
June 10, 2020

The inside story of people migrating from Bundelkhand: The closure of stone mines has rendered people jobless

In the Lalitpur district of Bundelkhand, many people, especially close to 75,000 people from the Saharia tribe, were dependent on the stone mines in the region for jobs. They started migrating after the mines shut. They are back because of the lockdown, and now have no jobs

Arvind Shukla
June 8, 2020

In Bundelkhand, MGNREGA has come to the rescue of people during the lockdown

The lockdown has aggravated the hardships of people living in the drought-prone Bundelkhand region. While locals were already struggling, due to the lockdown, many people have migrated back to villages. However, most of them have managed to find work under the MGNREGA scheme. A ground report

Arvind Shukla
June 5, 2020

The delay in agricultural scientist selection exams and the requirement of a PhD are quelling the dream of poor students

Most of the students studying agriculture are from poor backgrounds and have many responsibilities. The new changes may discourage many from studying to become agricultural scientists

Arvind Shukla
May 30, 2020

“I am committing suicide because of poverty and unemployment. The lockdown keeps on extending. I am not getting any job”

This suicide note was found in the pocket of a body that was found on May 29 on the railway tracks in Lakhimpur Khiri district of Uttar Pradesh. The deceased has been identified as Bhanu Prakash Gupta, who had lost his job recently

Arvind Shukla
May 26, 2020

Labourers, beauticians, plumbers: UP govt is trying to provide jobs to migrants reaching home

The Uttar Pradesh government has formed a migration commission to identify the skills of returning migrants and provide employment to them. The government also plans to provide insurance to these workers

Arvind Shukla
May 19, 2020

Lalitpur diaries: Migrant labourers, scorching heat, a dead cow and a long wait for buses

A cow shelter has been converted into a shelter home for these migrants. The government is plying buses from here. However, the problems of labourers don’t seem to be ending

Arvind Shukla
May 9, 2020

Bengaluru to Prayagraj: Youngsters set out on their bicycles to reach home

Rahul and his two friends started their journey somewhere between the Karnataka government’s conundrum to cancel and then letting the special train for migrants run again. They are not alone

Arvind Shukla