Gaon Connection Survey

October 31, 2020

Half the farmers unaware of FPOs, majority of them are small and marginal farmers: Gaon Connection Survey

The Central government has ordered 10,000 new Farmer Producer Organisations to be opened by the year 2024. But the Gaon Connection rapid survey found nearly half of the respondent farmers were not even aware of FPOs.

Kushal Mishra
October 30, 2020

Almost half the farmers fear the new agri laws will result in exploitation by private companies: Gaon Connection Survey

36% respondents fear that due to the open market, the central government would decrease procurement at MSP, while 33% fear the MSP system would be eliminated by the new agri laws.

Arvind Shukla
October 24, 2020

MSP Mandate: Three in five farmers want the minimum support price to be legally binding

A rapid survey by Gaon Connection found 59% respondent farmers demanding a mandatory MSP law in the country, while 33% feared the new central agri laws would end the MSP system.

Mithilesh Dhar Dubey
October 22, 2020

Only half the farmers aware of the Centre’s new contract farming law: Gaon Connection Survey

Of the 49 per cent farmers who are aware of the new contract farming law, over 46 per cent said the law was in favour of the farmers, while 40 per cent did not think so.

Kushal Mishra
October 21, 2020

Two out of five farmers fear the farm laws will end the MSP system; 59% want MSP as a mandatory law

In the Gaon Connection’s recent rapid survey, 39% fear the minimum support price will be abolished due to the farm laws, whereas another 39% believe the mandi system will be done away with.

Divendra Singh
October 19, 2020

Highest opposition to the new agri laws among northwest region farmers; greatest support in the west region: Gaon Connection Rural Survey

Gaon Connection’s ‘The Rural Report 2: The Indian Farmer’s Perception of the New Agri Laws’, shows that farmers’ opinion on the new agri laws is divided. On both the sides — 52% opposing or 35% supporting these laws — many are unaware of the details of the acts.

Nidhi Jamwal
September 21, 2020

87% villagers in Assam received no medical treatment, 60% women in Tripura struggled for water in the lockdown

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown, millions of rural residents in the northeastern states struggled to keep their families afloat. For 82% rural households in Assam, making ends meet was ‘extremely’ or ‘quite’ difficult.

Shivani Gupta
September 10, 2020

About 40% women in rural households work harder to fetch water in the COVID-19 lockdown

The COVID19 outbreak has added to the water woes of hundreds of rural women. The government and health agencies recommend frequent handwashing to avoid the spread of coronavirus, but where will this water come from?

Shivani Gupta
August 29, 2020

92% rural poor households faced difficulty in accessing food during the lockdown: Gaon Connection Survey

Millions of migrant workers returned to their villages after they lost their jobs during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many were afraid of the contagion but most returned as they feared dying of starvation as they had run out of money to buy food.

Mithilesh Dhar Dubey
August 28, 2020

64% migrant workers were quarantined in villages, 9 in 10 didn’t undergo COVID-19 testing

After travelling hundreds of kilometres, braving heat and hunger, migrant workers reached their villages, majority were quarantined. Many centres lacked power, toilets, and food facilities.

Shivani Gupta